New Hand held splitter SP100 Octagon now in market!

SplitStone SP100 Octagon saw daylight on 6 th of November 2018!

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New S200BCL-89-1200 Octagon met new owner in Italy

SplitStone is opening of Italian market! The first splitter in Italy has received in  new owner!  Start up day was 21 th of March 2018.

S200BCL-89-1200 Octagon

See the video of S200BCL-89-1200 Octagon at work in Italian customer:

SP100 lineup is evolving

SplitStone SP100 lineup is currently under development. More information about the new SP100 lineup will be available shortly. Stay tuned!

New power wedge for stone breaking – S200 with 1200 mm wedges!

SplitStone introduces a new powerful wedge for stone and rock breaking! S200 reaches wedging length up to 1200 mm. The wedge is used with 89 millimeter drill holes. The wedging is done by three quick consecutive cylinder strokes.

Power wedge for stone breaking – S120B

New pressure booster equipped power wedge for stone and rock breaking, the SplitStone S120B, was introduced at MAXPO 2015. The S120B is specificially meant to be used with small excavators or cranes and is available for 45 and 51 millimeter drill holes.