SplitStone ® is the superior hydraulic rock splitter! Darda, Yamamoto and Super wedge use a similar hydraulic wedging method.

SplitStone is a stone splitter which delivers the splitting power in an ideal way. Critical part in technology of wedge is patented.

SplitStone product range covers everything from large stone quarries and city quarry to private stone or rock splitting.

Hydraulic SplitStone technique in block quarry produces straight and clean cut without color drawbacks or hair cracks. It’s easy and light to handling wedges. Thanks to amazing wedge cylinder relieves.

SplitStone has a large range of products in different drilling holes and wedging deeps. Also you can use SplitStone by many different excavator or crane.

Note! Splitters especially for small excavators! Hand held stone splitters are part of our product range too.

SplitStone is developed and manufactured by Kirnuvuori Oy.

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