The New hand held booster for drilling rig or excavator

NEW and universal portable booster from SplitStone! The pressure booster has mounted temporary or permanently on a drilling rig to increase the hydraulic pressure to the level required by the wedge cylinder. The booster replaces the electric or internal combustion engine / diesel unit. Hydraulic power is taken directly from the actuator via a booster. The unit operates from a pressure level of 100 bar. The maximum adjustable pressure level for the wedge is 500 bar. Recommended hydraulic flow from the actuator up to 40 l / min. (Also works with higher flow)

As a hydraulic cylinder, we recommend the manual SplitStone SP100 cylinder. Wedge sizes 35, 38 and 45 mm. Wedge lengths 300 mm – 500 mm.

New S250 Splitter launch in Sweden

A new bigger class SplitStone S250 was launched on May 17, 2016 at the Borr & Spräng fair in Båsta, Sweden, near Stockholm. The wedge is 102 mm in the borehole and the wedge length (depth) is 1500 mm. For the time being, the device is the largest and most efficient of the individual machine-driven wedges of Kirnuvuori Oy!

The splitter and staff of our reseller Swedeq AB.

Free trial

If you have a plan to purchase a hydraulic splitter now or near future we offer the free trial.  We can plan together the best choice of splitter to your needs.

The offer is for new customers included all of our products.

Please, take a contact to your country reseller or us.