SplitStone S 100

The unit is typically mounted to tractor or excavator boom or to crane, where the zoom type hydraulic boom is recommended for the longest reach. Each unit has the client specified number of hydraulic wedges. At granite industry for primary splitting up to 20, secondary splitting typically around 12 and like at limestone applications 8.
Also at the granite quarries the unit is typically equipped in the middle one or two “Opening Wedges”, which after the initial split will be dropped deeper in to cracked hole and from there used to separate the rock totally loose.
Every wedge cylinder is mounted to tool balancer. This allows effortless installation of the wedges in to the holes and when the split is done, the loosened cylinder will rise automatically. Hydraulic recommendation is up to 250 bar (3600 psi) and the unit is either radio or remote cable controlled. The cross bar can be equipped with 360 deg. hydraulic rotator to add convenience. S 100 has patented technical detail in wedge and meets European CE- safety requirements.

Technical details

  • Cylinder diameter 100 mm
  • Wedge diameter 29 mm
  • Bore size 30 – 32 mm
  • Minimum drilling depth 700 mm
  • Wedge length 400 mm
  • Total length with wedges 1125 mm
  • Weight of single wedge 30 kg
  • Total weight ~950 kg
  • Minimum requred hydraulic pressure 200 bar
  • Maximum hydraulic pressure 250 bar
  • Flow requirement 50 – 60 l/min

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Customer feedback

”SplitStone, It’s an amazingly fit gadget. The SplitStone comes up with excellent wedging performance and it’s reliability never lets you down. Thanks to SplitStone, there have been fewer accidents, and the saving on manpower and explosives has been substantial here. And the service is always ready at hand.”

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Risto Heino

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